Welcome to Beijing Gallop Technology Co., Ltd
About us

Company vision:
Integrity, efficiency, innovation, development of leip, leading the industry's rapid development, leip leip lead China automation into the global grid.
We to promote development of the field of technology, to serve the community and return society is the first duty, constantly struggle for China automation business!
Company objectives:
Make double lattice group brand, in the next five years will be China's instruments to the world, the world's leading automation development.
All employees in creating brand, the revitalization of national instrument, the spirit of constantly pioneering spirit, scaling new heights, down-to-earth, makes the enterprise won a reputation in the world.
Company mission:
Prompted China automation development, improve the national brand.
All the staff of the wisdom and diligence to create high quality products and services, it is always following the development of the enterprise guarantee, this is the social mission of our enterprise responsibility.
Company tenet:
Integrity, efficiency, innovation, development.
Integrity, honesty and credit, this is not only our work attitude, but also the quality of our life.
Effective - execution speed, not particularly.
Innovation, and constantly develop new products, efforts on research and development projects.
Development - along with the market, common development with customers, let more customers and enterprises advance together, walk in the forefront of the world.
Company philosophy:
People-oriented, integrity first, customer supreme, the pursuit of excellence.
People-oriented, talent is the enterprise survival, is the motive force of enterprise development.
Integrity first, in the information so developed today, honesty is the enterprise first condition, is to ensure that the necessary conditions for the development of the enterprise.
The customer is supreme, providing high quality products, provide perfect service, put the interests of customers as the life of the enterprise.
Is the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit to his people's spirit, constantly surpass themselves, beyond the world.